Horizon Report Reflection

The report shows a lot of optimism towards tablets and their utility in the classroom. This optimism should be restrained with some amount of cynicism. The selling point of tablets is their functionality and intuitive control, but they still lack the utility most students can find in a PC. There are important tools and applications that are either limited or completely absent on tablets. Given their size and price, tablets should be comparable to laptops as a learning device. Both are easily portable, but tablets are far more expensive and easier for younger students to damage. 

The horizon report’s key trends present the most interesting concepts in the article. The third trend highlights an issue that I consider during every step of my education; the workforce demands skills from college graduates that are more often acquired from informal learning experiences than in universities. The clubs, activities and internships I have participated in have offered my more opportunities to create a bullet point on my resume. In other words, school does a fantastic job of reinforcing research skills and a desire to learn, but the opportunities outside the classroom are the main selling points to potential employers. 

The other point that caught my attention was that the demand for personalized learning is not adequately supported in current technology practices. It’s hard to cater to everyone’s needs, especially in a large classroom setting, but teachers can utilize technology to help them better meet individual needs. According to the horizon article using data-driven approaches to effectively utilize technologies for personal use is in its infancy, but these developments would be a massive help for instructors attempting to cater to a wide variety of needs.


One thought on “Horizon Report Reflection”

  1. Your argument against tablets makes a lot of sense, but I have a more optimistic view of how they could potentially be a great tool in the classroom. Some functions and utility are lost when compared to PCs, but a lot of other functions are gained in their stead: such as the availability of apps that could enhance learning.

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