Iconify Commercial – Web 2.0 Tool



I chose Iconify as my Web 2.0 tool because this site was easy to navigate and it is useful for curating visual content. Some aspects of the tool need to be better explained, but over all I would encourage teachers to use it. This site provides a good example of an online portfolio can be used in the classroom to help students promote their own content.

Here is a link to my commercial:


and a link to the official website:


It took me several attempts to finish this commercial because of technical issues and stumbling over lines. The commercial ended up being a tutorial rather than an actual commercial; this was definitely my biggest problem. I could not figure out a concept to introduce Iconify without simply showing a step by step tutorial of how the site works. I tried to add music but the process was too frustrating so I gave up and uploaded the video without any background sounds. The process of placing the correct images on Powerpoint slides and then recording the Jink video was very time consuming and I became frustrated with the process several times.


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