Games in 21st Century Learning

LA Noire is a detective game based in 1947 Los Angeles that challenges players to solve several murder cases. During the game players navigate the city in faithfully rendered vehicles and through historical landmarks. I learned a lot about American culture from this decade. There was a lot content like news papers and documents that inform players about events from that time period, along with exploration of nightclubs where players can listen to music from that period and interact with AI dressed in 40s fashion.

Gaming allows players to explore new universes, concepts and systems that would otherwise be incredibly expensive or impossible to duplicate. One thing that video games do exceptionally well is create interlocking systems for players to manipulate. This can be incredibly helpful for science  and math instructors that are attempting to expose students to new and complex processes without simply writing out complicated procedures on the board. Additionally, students are much more likely to pay attention to audio and video elements displayed on a screen rather than a plain chalk board.



4th Reflection: Visual Literacy

1. Why is visual literacy important in 21st century teaching and learning?

There are a plethora of new technologies that enable the creation and sharing of visual content for the purpose of education and entertainment. It is important that teachers fully utilize these technologies in order to efficiently communicate information to students. It is important that visual information is clear and concise in an era of information overload.

2. Visual literacy is so common in our daily lives…Can you give some examples?

Visual literacy is as simple as navigating a web page. We constantly decipher information when  we read and browse the web. It is important to understand how we process information and how we can design our presentation to better help students understand.

3. As a 21st century learner and some of you will be future teacher, how would you help yourself or others to develop visual literacy?

The most important thing is helping sustain a basic understanding of typography rules and aesthetic sensibilities. If it is hard to read or process anything if it is not presentable.

4. Do you think keeping this blog with different visual representations is challenging? Why or why not?  In your own words, describe how this experience influence your visual thinking and writing?

What’s important is representation of information. I always try to present my information in a clear and concise manner.