We made a video covering the basic rules of American Football. It is complicates sport with a lot of rules and positions. We decided to focus on the positions and the basic rules for scoring since a full explanation of all the facets of the sport would take much more than five minutes. The video is intended to explain the sport to kids in fifth grade and up.

The biggest issue with producing the video was lining up the audio and video so that the explanations fully matched the image on screen. The project could be improved if there were standards for what crafts should be used for the video, but this would definitely stifle creativity.

This project helps 21st century learning on two levels. On one hand, it requires that participants use new media to create the project and it acquaints students with helpful tools. On the other, it asks students to think about a topic on a deeper level than most paragraphs in text books and to present the information in a creative way.


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