I have not taken an online course at UGA, but I am very interested in the process. Online courses allow students to work at their own pace while still allowing instructors to have a firm grasp on class activities and assignments. However, MOOCs are becoming problematic because they breed antisocial behaviors and often detach students from an environment that encourages learning. Using a computer as a primary source for student-teacher engagement means that students are literally left to their own devices.

Coursera is a great example of what MOOCs have to offer. The greatest strength , and really primary existence for online course work, is to reach those that do not have time or the resources to get to a college campus. This offers a great opportunity for older students to strengthen skills in their line of work.


One thought on “MOOCs”

  1. I didn’t consider the part about moocs breeding antisocial behaviors. I’m not sure how accurate or at least how extreme this statement is. Just because a student is in a mooc does not mean they are isolated or ripped out of normal everyday social activities.

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